Yoga Therapy Teacher Training Course 2017-2020

This course aims to give participants the opportunity to:

- Learn to teach Yoga as a means of a complementary therapy.

- Study both Yoga and Āyurveda philosophical schools of thought; thereby understanding their real life application in a therapeutic context: from the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of both health and disease.

- Practice applying Yoga’s tools when confronted with common health conditions.

- Learn about the pathology of Western models of health and disease.

- Develop and practice consultation skills and orthodox examination methodology.

- Learn to diagnose and select appropriate tools and techniques as a focus for Yoga Therapy.

- Enhance teaching methods and therapeutic relationship skills.

- Develop strategies and professional codes of conduct for working in the National Healthcare System, privately and in complimentary environments.

- Build the ability and communication skills needed in one-to-one therapy and with other health care professionals.

- Learn in a safe, supportive, stimulating environment.

Join the summer 2017 Yoga Therapy Training Module to learn about Models for Yoga Therapy - contact: Matthew

Download the full course brochure and application form:

Dr. N. Chandrasekaran 

 & Colin Dunsmuir

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Yoga Therapy Teacher Training Course 2017 Brochure