Colin’s courses are enriched by his deep, extensive knowledge and understanding of the huge field of yoga and yoga therapy, and as a result I believe I have learnt so much that has enriched and changed my life.  Over the past five years I began to learn how much more there was to yoga than just āsana, and above all, gained a much deeper insight into how I lived my life, and began to evolve and change slowly.

The in-depth study of the yoga sūtra-s has been transformational, helping me to gain greater concentration, focus and clarity about my life.  Studying āsana in-depth has meant that not only has my physical yoga practice improved but I also learnt how to plan a practice and deliver a class that would be appropriate for the varied people that one finds in group classes as well as the more focused work when working with individuals.  The study of physiology meant that when one of my family was diagnosed with a brain tumour, I had a greater insight into the problem than I would have done and also understood how yoga could help.  As someone who never sang because I was told that my singing voice was not good, learning Vedic chanting has given me intense personal happiness.
— KW

The Yoga Teacher Training course is a great place to explore body, mind and breath. Whether you have a career in the city or looking to become a yoga teacher this course will help in every aspect of the life. When I started the course all I had was curiosity and no defined objectives. The way the course was structured the knowledge got embedded effortlessly. Our teacher’s approach was ‘teach things that one can explain’ and it made every step of the study very practical and relevant to everyday life. Having done this course with Colin, I will be looking forward to many more courses with him in the future.
— VT

Having graduated in 2004 as a certified yoga teacher with an active class schedule, there remained in me a desire to study Yoga in more depth. There were gaps in my knowledge and areas where I lacked confidence. With this in mind, I decided to take Colin’s teacher training. It was without question the right thing to do as I gained a much greater appreciation and knowledge of Yoga and myself. This training is a complete education on how to be a safe, confident and knowledgeable yoga teacher. I left the course confident to teach anyone who walked into the yoga studio and, more specifically, anyone who came to me for 1-2-1.  I recommend Colin’s teachings and his approach without reservation and with complete confidence the student will get the very highest standard of teaching available.
— LS

Colin has taken us from where we were, to fully fledged, confident and passionate teachers. We have learnt way and away beyond what we thought possible, have evolved ourselves under his careful guidance as mentor and course leader. I cannot recommend his teacher training course more - for the committed and serious students of yoga. You will not find a more considered, thoughtful, exciting and demanding course.
— MT

Many many thanks for your wisdom and example. I’ve expanded personally and professionally in many ways from the course, and in ways that have crept up on my awareness. I understand more and I’m more compassionate. I have fewer limitations in my relationships and connect with people on more levels. I honestly feel like a slightly better human being!! Many many thanks for being such an inspiring teacher.
— HC