Yoga Therapy Trainings

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Yoga Therapy Training



A progressive and in-depth 600 contact hour three year post graduate Yoga Therapy Training in the tradition of Professor T. Krishnamacharya and T.K.V. Desikachar. Fully recognised and accredited by the British Council of Yoga Therapy and graduates can register with the Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council.

The course aims to give participants the opportunity to:

  • Learn the art of ‘Yoga Therapy’ which involves individual practices for health and happiness.

  • Study both Yoga and Āyurvedic philosophy to understand their real life application to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and disease.

  • Teach pulse reading.

  • Practice applying Yoga’s tools on common health conditions.

  • Learn about Western models of health and disease.

  • Understand food and diet based on constitution.

  • Develop and practice consultation skills and examination methodology.

  • Learn the process to arrive at a diagnosis and be able to select a focus for Yoga Therapy.

  • Enhance teaching methods and therapeutic relationship skills.

  • Develop strategies for working in the National Healthcare System, privately and complimentary environments.

  • Build communication skills needed with clients and health care professionals.

  • Learn in a safe, supportive, nourishing and nurturing environment.



There are nine modules that take place three times a year for seven days over three years with an optional two week internship in India. 

The nine core modules are:

  • Module 1: viniyoga: principles and practice.

  • Module 2: yogic anatomy, physiology, psychology and methodology of examination.

  • Modules 3 & 4: Sariraka Cikitsa: Yoga Therapy for conditions that manifest predominantly at the physical domain.

  • Module 5 & 6: Pranika Cikitsa: Yoga Therapy for conditions that manifest predominantly at the energetic domain.

  • Module 7 & 8: Mano Cikitsa: Yoga Therapy for mental health.

  • Module 9: Adhyatmika Cikitsa: Yoga Therapy for conditions that manifest predominantly at the emotional/spiritual domain.

  • Optional Internship: two weeks in India after the end of module 9.



Course start: April 2020

Course fee: TBC per module

Venue: TBC, London

Contact: via the contact form here


This course is verified by the British Council of Yoga Therapy to ensure that the training students receive adheres to the core curriculum set out in the National Occupation Standards for Yoga Therapy. 

Students who complete all their one-to-one therapy case studies will thereby meet the criteria to be registered with the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC), an initiative supported by the Department of Health to regulate Complementary Health Care in the UK.

As such, they will be able to classify themselves in the UK as a ‘Yoga Therapist’. Registration with the CNHC will be eligible 1 year after the course ends.



  • Will have been teaching yoga for at least one year post their teacher training graduation.

  • Must have completed a recognised Yoga Teacher Training that can be referenced.

  • Are mentally and emotionally stable, be committed to continuing self-development and happy being a student.

  • Should have a passion for yoga and wish to use this training to help themselves and others.